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My current work involves a complex process of pleating, printmaking, folding, cutting and unfolding. Each step transforms the piece into something else. Cutting into the folded pattern allows half of the image to “pull through” the paper to its opposing side. There is, of course, the prime image but there is an image on the reverse that relates to it in pattern but is very different in effect. The finished art has become double-sided.

These techniques reflect my experience and interest in textiles, math and painting. I like to consider my etching press and printmaking as merely a jumping off process. My one-of-a-kind artworks have little to do with traditional printmaking and its editions and repetitions. The technique of monoprint/monotype invites experimentation by nature, but the magic really happens when it is used as a base for other processes to be imposed.

My work is all about process. I do not try to build to a preconceived and calculated goal; I invite chaos and play and experiment. That's where my creativity lies and it is the heart of my work.

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